key takeaway

key takeaways

Bret Weinstein

Bret Weinstein is a biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Currently he is in the middle of an intense controversy that has been docume…

color of their skin

you rightly said that you think there’s a huge problem with asking people to not show up simply based on their color of their skin

president gesture

our president is being challenged for his hand gestures and the protesters are actually policing his hand gesture actually pol

full-time programs

full-time programs

Ally subordinate

Ally subordinates and that mean stepping away from a job etc so it’s not an ally at all no it has nothing to do with Ally


well I believe it is a a militant belief structure and I do think based on what from a subset of the black population

evolutionary roots

evolutionary roots that these are programs that exist in us for circumstances and one of the things


general if you have the right tools to understand people at an evolutionary level things make a certain amount of sense

case study

for example my first project when I was an undergraduate I was studying with a very famous evolutionary biologist named Bob Traverse and I wrote a paper for for his class and it was about the Holocaust it was about the really I was testing the question at the time it was relatively commonplace to hear that Hitler was insane and something about that didn’t ring true to me and I wanted to know evolutionarily speaking was he insane and in studying that question it became very clear that insane was the wrong description that he was a monster but he was a rational monster


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