Key takeaway

key takeaways

Peter Boghossian & James ...

Peter Boghossian is a philosophy instructor, activist, author, speaker, and atheism advocate. He is a full-time faculty member at Portland State University. …

Retracted article

oh my god did they contact you after they retract your article? They go you guys are fucking the assholes, not wasting our time, we spent hours reviewing your papers.

Sexual choice and morality

I was talking about how sexual choice does not fall into the realm of morality. So, if a guy’s gay and he likes another guy that’s just not a moral thing that’s just preference .

Commitment to diviersity

You have a commitment to equity and so equity does not mean treating people equally it’s not like you have a commitment to equality which is we should all have assuring the to equality. Its equity is defined differently it’s to make up for past and justices or to make up for some deficiency that has occurred somewhere along the line.

Theory of humor

If we take the theory about humor at face value right, that you can only go against a power thing so we say okay you know what we wrote a paper. One of our papers the joke’s on you was about that let’s say they’re right why do people love it well it’s because everybody knows these guys these guys have power.

Meeting documentarian

A buddy of ours and he’s like oh my god I know a documentarian who’s making who’s like investigating all this shit going on in the universities already. He’s already interested would you guys be interested, this would be a compelling documentary, would you guys be interested in talking to him?

Infantilization of young ...

This infantilization of young adults, it is a bubble wrap on kids. it’s nerf in the world and sharp corners, got to put a fucking cushion on it.

Jewish people

I think the the Jewish people have a point you know, we’ve been pretty heavily oppressed for 2,000 years. You start with like you know the Romans decimating them and then the Diaspora and then to Holocaust and its just not good so I think they have a point that you know don’t just say oh we have crazy white privilege under there for white supremacists.

Critical mass

We need a critical mass because what they are is they’re all lined up, they know the first one to step out of line and challenge the stuffs getting shot. So, look at the communist situation after communism fell, nobody really believed it anymore but they had to go along with the party or gonna get shot.


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