Key takeaway

key takeaways

Sebastian Junger

Sebastian Junger is the author of The Perfect Storm, War, and Tribe. He also is the co-director of the Oscar-nominated documentary “Restrepo.” His latest doc…

Human Behavior

The physical behavior of people with smartphones looks antisocial, unhappy and anxious.

Social Media

Social media has a lot of uses but it is not social in any human sense. If you look at suicide rates, depression rates, PTS rates and anxiety rates, it is going up despite the fact that we’re very wealthy, powerful and peaceful society.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is either the final blossoming of the human mind or it’s the end.


The certain number of people who were not traumatize in war and PTSD is hard to prove. It is obviously wide open for either an unintentional misdiagnosis or an intentional misinterpretation.

Acting collectively

We didn’t know what is coming. For people to survive is to act collectively. Humans don’t survive in nature by themselves.

Group coherence

One way to make a group cohere, make it close ranks and strengthen its group commitment to itself and one way to do it is to introduce an enemy. When there is no enemy, groups naturally disperse because people just go off to their individual thing and they know they have freedom. If you introduce a threat, everyone’s in a group.


The misconception is that people think they are doing something for the government when in fact they are doing it for the community.


Our evolution has produced anything that feels good like art, music, etc. People are genetically predisposed towards doing things that bind the group together.


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