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key takeaways

Daniele Bolelli

Daniele Bolelli is an Italian author, professor, and martial artist. His latest book “Not Afraid” ( is out now and his new podcast cal…

This book is a bit more personal. The first part is dealing with martial arts. The second part is about his wife, getting sick and what’s going on. Part 3 is about what do you do with it.

Inspiration as fuel

Inspiration is a real fuel for human beings. When you see your friends or someone you know do something that is transforming them, it fires you up too.

Handling the situation

Both sides of the game don’t know how to handle the situation where it is like which mass murder do we support and which one do we oppose. There is no right thing.

weed on female sexuality

Women respond to weed like when you touch them they have multiple orgasm.

Being sacred

to be something sacred is to have humor and laugh not because you diminish its importance its in order to keep it from turning into a dogma.

Fake sightings

Most of the stuff are fake and bullshit. Like when doing a news and they have to find someone who is willing to say that they saw the UFO. They came up with elaborate stories about it.


It is something that you could learn. When you can be objective about it, it’s a pleasure. It is like famine thinking.


Sex is weird because it makes people. It’s just like hugging and kissing but fucking actually makes people. It’s a bizarre way of reproduction.


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