Are you interesting

Have a story to tell
and are worth listening to

Why visit our studio?

You can embed the 4k video on any website of your liking. Offer people a change to really get to know you.

Yes you invest some time in having this great talk (usually all together 1-2 hours) . But after this. Everyone you really like to get to know you …

When was the last time you had the change to talk in a studio for 1-2 hours and share everything that makes you interesting.

  • customers see what the owner is all about
  • employees learn about your interesting story
  • fans have a change to listen to what you can teach
  • family or friends hear your story as never before
  • strangers learn from your experience
  • this be part of your legacy…


We believe in a different model or mantra. If you do good in this world others will do good to you. So.. we don’t want lovely money get in the way of making interesting people talks possible. So that’s why we said to ourselves: The first 100-200 shows are absolutely 100% free for our guests.

But wait… We do believe in another model. We will not market your specific video ourselves. But we can easily market your video for you. So there will be a “choose your own marketing budget model”. In that way your video will simply get “views” because of our marketing efforts.  Again. Your choice.

You can choose from

  • 1) Not market at all (free)
  • 2) Only “small market” for eur X
  • 3) Slightly “more market”for eur Y




We like you to meet our host. Not because we think he is important. No, because we value your time and want you to be able to do a deep dive on him if and only when you want to. Hopefully you can have a clear or better understanding about his life, why he is motivated to do what he does and why he values a honest and open talk with interesting people so much.

Pyke van Dieren

You can also watch his “personal message video” right before you go live on the show. This will save you time and he there really shares some personal backgrounds.


We have our interesting people talks only on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m CET. A single talks always is between the host and one guest. A talk can range from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the “flow” both people are in. There are no rules, guidelines or of topics. It’s the host his responsibility to create a nice open atmosphere were people really connect and the outcome is an interesting people talk.



After the talk is recorded it will feature on interestingpeopletalks and you can embed the 4k video on every website of your choosing (just copy the embed code).



Studio 1 is always our first go to place for shows for The setting is an intimate behind a “kitchen table” like atmosphere. And yet this table has the desired effect that guest feel comfortable right away. Why? Because, everybody can have a conversation (talk) when a big table is there to act as a barrier/shield. Just imagine when you meet someone for the first time in a restaurant. It feels awkward when you stand or sit at the bar. But as soon you sit down behind the dining table you feel confident again.

After this studio 1 talk you can go up one level to studio 2 in a totally different setting and “show angle”.



So the studio 1, talk was a success. Now it’s time for Studio 2. Studio 2 has a more intimate setting. And because both host and guest sit in a comfortable armchair facing each other, this studio 2 show, is best suited for a conversation around a specific topic. That’s where one of our 5 “sister” internet platforms come in:

Studio 2 is the perfect environment to share your story in one of these 5 shows.